November 1, 2017

Happy Bagels Make Me :)

Yesterday, Alissa and I ventured off campus and got lunch at Eltana, the best spot in the heart of Capitol Hill, for home-made, wood fired bagels! They've got everything, salt, poppyseed, cinnamon raisin, even gluten free... The spreads are what make it though. Honey almond cream cheese is what we're nommin' on in these snaps. I've also tried their almond butter & pomegranate berry cream cheese. You seriously can't go wrong here! 

We often think we don't have time to go off campus and explore a little bit, but we do and should totally take advantage of it. Homework will be there, life will not. It's important to make time, even if it's just 30 minutes or an hour each day. Do something fun, get your mind off the mundane. Although Alissa and I always end up in the same room at night, we rarely find solid time to chat! We made a deal to go grab lunch and sit down, check in. We also have a trip to plan too so we're starting to schedule logistics. We have a countdown for the day we leave and it's just over 30 days. We're both in awe about the amount of hours of work we will get done before that plane takes off. Vacation is the best motivation out there. Busy & exciting times, I can't believe it's November!

Also be sure to hit up the label, Seattle, for all my fave spots in the city as I find myself more and more exploring those worthy places to go adventure and appreciating the amazing food!

xo, Hallie


Jean Jacket: Target  Bodysuit: Free People  Denim: Zara


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