November 15, 2017

Hold Up, Hawaii x Rosegal

Alissa and I leave in less than a month for Hawaii, it's coming so quickly... finally getting our last reservations locked down and we're freaking estatic. But one thing that's still on our list right now that needs to get sorted out (ASAP) are which bikinis from Rosegal we're going to get! We just drove down to the Oregon Coast for our three day weekend over Veteran's Day. Since we drove, we were able to bring so much and it was all super bulky. Now we have to get in the mindset of warm sand, palm trees, and fresh pineapples!

As far as swimsuits go, I'm deciding between this, this or this pineapple print, this one-piece, either this or this yellow bikini, and possibly this scallop edged suit. This tunic is also calling my name, I feel like it's a must have when heading anywhere tropical... and to top it off, I'm debating whether we'll want these (one & two) flower crowns.

I've never flown or vacationed somewhere tropical just because. This is a very new adventure for me and I'm so excited to watch our travel duo take Oahu! In the meantime, if you have any recommendations to eat, see, or do while on the island, send them our way!

Stay tuned.

xo, Hallie


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