December 31, 2017

2017: A Year in Review

Snoqualmie Pass Snowshoeing
The Grand Canyon

Tulip Town
Skagit Valley, WA

San Francisco

Washington D.C.

The Space Needle

Alki Beach, Seattle

First Solo Girls Trip Abroad with Sarah

Mint Ruffles & Carrot Juice

The Eiffel Tower


Met My Pen Pal, Isabella!

Redfish Lake, Idaho

Finding My Tribe

Goat Lake, Idaho

Stanley, Idaho

Zion National Park

Early Mornings in the Mountains with Amanda

Dorm Life

International District, Seattle

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Oregon Coast Road Trip w/ Ashore Hotel

Exploring Oahu, Hawaii with Alissa

2017 was a HUGE travel year! I have noticed that much of my photography and inspiration is drawn from my travels and what I learn while outside the comfort of what I know. My focus for 2018 looks like it will be accumulating what I have learned through travel and sharing it with you. My goal is to put together posts that are both informative and excite you about this crazy, beautiful home we call Earth!

I'm ending this year on a huge positive note. I truly feel full of gratitude for the friendships created and the opportunities 2017 gave me that will continue forward into 2018. 

Click on a destination below to see the original posts!

Grand Canyon

San Francisco; Golden Gate Bridge

Washington DC




Cannon Beach; Oregon Coast Road Trip

(Oahu, Hawaii & Baja California Sur, Mexico are in the works!)

xo, Hallie

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