February 28, 2018

Oh! I See You

When the sun comes out in Seattle,
the city looks different. 
Sometimes I don’t recognize it. 
I’m busy turning my back to the sun,
capturing the shadows,
us, human beings,
in relation to
the direct light.

I believe there are people in life we will always get drawn back to. I met Olivia 3 years ago on a Nat Geo Expedition in London and she serendipitously reached out because she was in town. It was great to re-connect with her, I find it lovely when you can meet up with someone for the first time in a while and the silences aren't awkward, the conversation works through it's flowing existence, and we're able to be our SELVES in which ever form they take at the time.

I'm photographing my world in black and white these days and I'm living. in. the. dark. room. I included an image of the negatives Olivia now exists in. I'm excited to start exploring a concentration of something, (unsure of what it will be... yet), for the final in my photo class. I'm intrigued by the way I will watch this world take form. As always, I'm attracted to human faces but might branch out and center myself around an idea that's a little more unfamiliar to expand my comfort zone.

Today a couple thoughts were brought up in my photo class;
All this time we're spending shooting, developing, & printing... (or what have you, in any field you may be in), is how you're going to spend your time; your life. If this doesn't seem like a good fit, re-evaluate your passion, your mission, and most importantly, understand that where you invest your time, you invest your life.

xo, Hallie


February 14, 2018

an ode to light

i miss photography.

so much
for the creativity of it
the want and need for it
the joy brought out in others
the passion then generated in me.


it’s an art these days
that seems so understandable,
but it’s something much
than that.

it is not a filter swiped onto a self portrait made in our every day lives
it is a story of a
who took the time to open
and let me extract their light.

when i look into eyes of a portrait
i see
the sheer vulnerability yet striking confidence
i’ve helped them muster up for even if a fraction of a second.

when i look into the smile, the white teeth
i see
a pure
big belly laugh
that i
you have to be funny. you have to be personable. you have to let down your guard, so they can let down theirs.

when i look into
the flick of a strand of hair
falling so gracefully in the frame of the photo
i see
the poise and
i have for their
at this
very moment.

when i look into the garment
so elegantly
draped on the body of this person
i see
beauty and true neutrality in the way
things find their home
it is not forced or known,
it becomes what it has been
all along.

xo, Hallie

February 5, 2018

You Swim In It

I am enough.
I say it to myself each morning.
I type it every time I open my computer.
I affirm it to myself when I get anxious.
I conclude each journal entry with it.
I think it each time I look in the mirror.
I don’t question it, I let myself believe it.

I feel it.
If this is the first time you let this phrase sink in, please let me be the first to tell you,
you are enough.
It is all you need.


We swim in things. In life I'm talking about words, thoughts, experiences, emotions.
Nothing is set in stone, we're all in fluid motion.

We swim in suits. In the water.

Headed somewhere warm for spring break? Just sayin' all these suits are under $15... I got you! I wanted to share my favorite suits that are comfortable, flattering, and inexpensive!

xo, Hallie


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