February 5, 2018

You Swim In It

I am enough.
I say it to myself each morning.
I type it every time I open my computer.
I affirm it to myself when I get anxious.
I conclude each journal entry with it.
I think it each time I look in the mirror.
I don’t question it, I let myself believe it.

I feel it.
If this is the first time you let this phrase sink in, please let me be the first to tell you,
you are enough.
It is all you need.


We swim in things. In life I'm talking about words, thoughts, experiences, emotions.
Nothing is set in stone, we're all in fluid motion.

We swim in suits. In the water.

Headed somewhere warm for spring break? Just sayin' all these suits are under $15... I got you! I wanted to share my favorite suits that are comfortable, flattering, and inexpensive!

xo, Hallie



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