April 6, 2018

Spring's Sensibilities

Well... shoot!

I just looked at some old posts on my blog and realized how much I miss documenting my life and my thoughts. The beginning of this calendar year hit me out of no where and I got so busy with my overloading of classes and information I'm (honestly) still recovering from the amount of information and new ideas that came before me these last three months. It's April (what?!) and Spring has sprung, just as I have become much more relaxed but also much more in tune with my daily intentions and goals. I think this natural up and down goes along with the seasons and that's how I am able to keep myself in check. I know the winters are always taxing and dark, but I also know that on the other side, light creeps into my world in the spring in the most beautiful new ways. I hope you're feeling some of this too.

There is truly an unfathomable amount of things I learned in the last three months, many of it is just starting to surface in my every day life. I intend to share snippets because I want to remember all this (or at least be able to go back and remind myself) for as long as I shall be.

As I am preparing these thoughts, below are two film images of Alissa I scanned in from an assignment which explored luminosity. I am particularly drawn to these now. These days I not only actively look for light and joy in each moment of the day, but I am also feeling every interaction with each human I come in contact with, a divine experience; one to connect a tangible sensation with.

Happy Spring
Happy Becoming
Happy Senses

xo, Hallie

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