April 20, 2018

what I captured & what I saw

I thought I would share this comparison I did on my Instagram stories the other day. 
what I captured & what I saw.
This was so interesting for me because this is a way to visually teach myself how I see things. These were all shot on my phone and that just goes to show the best camera you have, is truly in your hands. It's what you see, how you shoot it, and seeing your vision to the end is what makes an image carry it's beauty. The most important tool in photography (and life) are your OWN EYEs. Please let that sink in. 
The light was absolutely stunning that day, I was overcome with gratitude and in bliss.

This week I'm bringing a cleansing sense to my life in what I say, eat, do, and how I spend my time. I want to continue this and grow towards expressing more light, air, smiles, breath to myself and those around me. I want to create a space for myself and others to experience a feeling of buoyancy to this wonderfully complex life;
just because you're here, let yourself smile. 

xo, Hallie 

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