May 29, 2018

red & white make PINK light

have you ever felt

drunk and fuzzy

not from being full of, but

from being free of?


i say i am in love.

my heart is overflowing, spilling over,

attracting it’s similar kind,

manifested right in front of my eyes.

i'm looking at the eyes of energy i've known before.

can we be friends?

we are of the same,

and i want your hand in my game.


why are only a few people dancing?

are they the only ones who have found themselves,


to let go?

are they ok

with themselves

to be?


i am stumbling home.

we all are,

every day,

to ourselves.

back to our home,

we are coming home,

to ourselves.

please don't tell me we’re only dreaming.

xo, hallie

May 23, 2018

y o u

a reminder.

the you,
deep within,

you have the power.

find the light,

trust YOUrself.

you cannot be happy if you are living in the past or the future.

the present is where happiness exists.

*happiness is not found in in the location tags attached to our images on instagram. happiness is not found in the decorations that abound your body and abode. happiness is not found, if you are not happy with yourself, (your first home.)

you will not know who you are, until you show the world.

we’re waiting to see your gifts.

xo, hallie

May 20, 2018

Jacob & Melissa ♡

My story with these two starts at yoga, this past fall. Melissa helped me remember that my life, is about light. 

I am on a journey, 
in search of light.
In people, in places, in myself.

Photography allows me to express the light I discover.
I now understand how tangible these experiences can be made true.

xo, Hallie


May 17, 2018

Journey (to Study Abroad)

I believe learning another language expands the mind in ways unimaginable or tangible. I want to develop a fluency which enables me to travel and connect with the world in a way I wouldn’t have been able to before. Studying abroad and earning a major in Spanish is not just a certification, I see it to be a skill that I will take with me throughout my life, displayed in many ways. Knowledge of the Spanish language broadens my view of the world; enabling me to live, think, and create differently.

Valencia seems to be home of rich art and culture in Spain, which aligns with what I have interest in and what I spend my time doing. I have seen my evolution as an artist through portrait photography, writing, and more recently, the curiosity I find in myself while traveling. Inspiration seems like it would be everywhere; from the people, street art, museums, and the colorful bustle of the city.

Introspective by nature, one of my biggest goals is to break down any barrier I have between my interactions with others while allowing myself be completely free to be myself. While abroad, I have come in contact many times with people of the country who have no problem engaging in a conversation, completely in English. I would like to be able to reciprocate this and converse with the local people. Hoping to continue to follow my passion for traveling to new parts of the world and photographing people along the way, I want to be a respectful world citizen. For me, this looks like communicating in the language of the country I am visiting, connecting with the local people there, and having a greater awareness of a written word, not given to me in my original toolbox. Blending my life into that of a country new to me, I trust I would begin to combine fresh perspectives of the world into my creative enthusiasms. I want to create understanding of a culture that becomes part of my journey throughout life.

I believe each person is their unique self, bringing their own ideas and distinct life experience to each moment. I consider myself a photographer, capturing life's sweetest and smallest moments that matter the most, finding the beauty of people in their natural selves, and highlighting the picturesque landscapes of our world. I am inspired by the people who want to see the authentic joy and liveliness in the world. Without social courage and confidence, a photographer is not able to fully engage with people to create those fleeting feelings, tangible. Instead of feeling embarrassment when I talk to new people, I want to feel uncomfortable when I don’t. I have become and artist in my own right, with an eye and talent which allows me to survey and magnify the beauty of the world. I am on a journey to progress new skills, enabling me to connect to more of humanity.

xo, Hallie


May 12, 2018

Olivia M. || Senior 2018

I've known Olivia and her family for many years, and how cool is it that we now go to the same college! She's graduating from Seattle U this year and I was so excited when she asked me to take some grad photos for her! Senior photos aren't just for high school, I think they're just as fun when you graduate college, too! 

xo, Hallie


May 9, 2018

Keys to a Bank

You really never know how creativity will manifest.


I don't know if this explanation will ruin the ethereal essence of these images or it will help you understand how ethereal, it really is.


I've been going on a lot of walks lately around my neighborhood here in Seattle, getting used to the energy, movement, and locations it has to offer my eye. The other night at dusk I had taken quick iPhone shots of every place that inspired me. Some places just speak to me and I made sure to listen to those little voices in my head saying; this! here! turn around! wait, go back! One of these places was the ATM outside a Key Bank that was closed, but lit up.

Danielle and I ended up stopping outside this bank the other night to shoot and here's the evidence.
The figure in these images are Danielle's reflection on the hood of a red car parked on the street adjacent to the kiosk. Her face is lit up by the flashlight on an iPhone.

It's important to remember what we have, rather than what we lack. 


These images and colors were made in camera and were not edited subsequent of the moment.

It's a crazy world out there.

xo, Hallie

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