May 9, 2018

Keys to a Bank

You really never know how creativity will manifest.


I don't know if this explanation will ruin the ethereal essence of these images or it will help you understand how ethereal, it really is.


I've been going on a lot of walks lately around my neighborhood here in Seattle, getting used to the energy, movement, and locations it has to offer my eye. The other night at dusk I had taken quick iPhone shots of every place that inspired me. Some places just speak to me and I made sure to listen to those little voices in my head saying; this! here! turn around! wait, go back! One of these places was the ATM outside a Key Bank that was closed, but lit up.

Danielle and I ended up stopping outside this bank the other night to shoot and here's the evidence.
The figure in these images are Danielle's reflection on the hood of a red car parked on the street adjacent to the kiosk. Her face is lit up by the flashlight on an iPhone.

It's important to remember what we have, rather than what we lack. 


These images and colors were made in camera and were not edited subsequent of the moment.

It's a crazy world out there.

xo, Hallie


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