May 3, 2018

To Do: Dew. Due!

I used to tell myself I didn’t want to make photography a “chore” so I convinced myself not to study it in college.
Well, I changed my mind. Why WOULDN’T I want to do the very thing I love most, with my time?
It is pushing me in ways I had never even known existed and I am meeting people who lovelovelove it just as much as I do.

I see myself between "two (& more) photographers" I can see myself being. I know there is not one way to do something, yet being in the middle of a shift of "seeing" is a powerful one.
I am questioning how I see feelings and emotions manifest, and why I see them, with the connotation I do.
I think "weird" things are hip and bold, appealing, and enticing.

These images remind me of a dance through The Renaissance. I think it's because of the sculpted look, draping & lyrical lines in the dress, Alissa's soft skin, and the natural color palette.
There are some perks to stashing long dresses in the back of my closet and not having an iron. ;)

I sound "floatyyyy" cause I am, hence, Alissa "floating" in some of the above images.

I'm not sure where this is taking us, but, I do know right now I can see more of a fine art, abstracted approach to my photography and I particularly see it coming through portraits that aren't client work. For me, I hold this distinction between what a client may want in their portraits and always add in a few extra shots that feed the creativity that is flowing through me.
One day (soon) I'm thinking, (hoping & crossing my fingers), that these two can just be, together... or potentially have less of a distinction of the two sides I feel.



Follow the dream, friends.

In the end, it is


I hope you’re spending your time wisely. (It’s more valuable than money... because you don’t know how much you have.)

Thank you to everyone investing time in me, (like you, reading this, right now!) I hope I can invest in you, too.

xo, Hallie


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