June 6, 2018

i AM home

when those say:
“i cannot wait to go home,”
notice, you are already home.
i wonder, what IS it that makes your home, HOME?
the place, the people, the activities, the memories, the freedom from due dates?
today i find myself on a journey,
in this body,
in search of home,
wherever i may find myself on the globe.
i hope you find your best friend under your chest, always reminding you that
you are home,
in this very instant.


i want to remind you that each day you don’t feel “at home,”
is an allowance you give yourself,
to notice,
you have the opportunity,
to carve out time to do something you find peace and joy in,
and find yourself,
at home.
our first home is our body.
let us not forget to find
before we go
asking the world for a singular room we find harmony.

what a shame it would be,
if we only considered one place home,
in a world of abundant beautiful spaces
awaiting our discovery.

"i AM home."

Lake Crescent, WA

xo, Hallie

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