May 29, 2018

red & white make PINK light

have you ever felt

drunk and fuzzy

not from being full of, but

from being free of?


i say i am in love.

my heart is overflowing, spilling over,

attracting it’s similar kind,

manifested right in front of my eyes.

i'm looking at the eyes of energy i've known before.

can we be friends?

we are of the same,

and i want your hand in my game.


why are only a few people dancing?

are they the only ones who have found themselves,


to let go?

are they ok

with themselves

to be?


i am stumbling home.

we all are,

every day,

to ourselves.

back to our home,

we are coming home,

to ourselves.

please don't tell me we’re only dreaming.

xo, hallie

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