July 30, 2018

Your Own Moon

sun: rises.
you: awaken.
dreams: (become your) reality.

visions poke your mind.
and encapsulate you.
release it, 
and they become
their own domain.

you will be brought with them,
they lift you;
and you free parts that decayed in you.

step back.
notice the carnage,
of something 
even more beautiful than
you thought you were.

you created this,
only from light.

A    L I V E
V I S I O N.

xo, Hallie

July 25, 2018

Seekers in Stanley

We are little beings in big spaces. 

Amanda, Zoe and I headed up to Stanley Lake to spend the night, swim, and cherish the warmth summer brings and the adventure summer seeks. 

Floating in fresh alpine lake water has become a much needed self-care practice of mine that has made its way to the top of the list. When I first made a conscious effort to starfish in the water, the first word I thought of: boundless. I was straddling life, laying on each side of, opposites. One of my dearest friends, soul sister, mentor, put it perfectly; to float allows one to surrender while being supported at the same time. 

Immediately following our wake-up swim, we headed to Stanley Bakery. I think knowing that hot chai and a scrumptious breakfast awaits you, makes the lake even more inviting. I will say, getting out and having to re-dress was chillier than being in the water. The morning sun touched us more than the depth the cool water could. Again, being in between the lofty and the deep, the warm and the cool, the here and there. It feels exactly where I am right now. 


xo, Hallie

July 23, 2018

Summertime Song

A melancholy melody fit for: chance. 
Summer sometimes feels like this. 

Let me explain. 

It feels like you 
are watching the clock tick; with all the time in the world,
are surrounded by heat; the thing you dreamt of all winter,
are among your favorite things; but they don't seem so special at all,
are walking distance from fresh water; yet it takes more effort to go,
than to simply think about what could happen if you did.

A chamber of thoughts hold you back. You have been waiting for this season all year long.

xo, Hallie
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