July 1, 2018

Amanda M. | Class of 2019

I had the opportunity to head out to Bozeman, Montana for a few days and photograph some seniors! Each girl grew so close to my heart and I am excited to share some images of them. 

Amanda is a patient and lovely girl, she hopes to work with children in the future. If she could leave tomorrow, she would hop on a plane to Italy to taste the incredible flavors in the food she loves to cook. She is creative in the kitchen and loves to make pasta with her perfect red sauce. She's working on a salsa recipe to get the consistency just right! Her favorite part about her are the exact place I can tell her gentleness comes through the second you look at her... in the eyes.

Never having been to Bozeman before, she took me out to a trailhead littered with yellow flowers and then to field she grew up playing in. 

xo, Hallie

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