July 3, 2018

Sophia R. | Class of 2019

An angelic being. That is what Sophia reminded me of. While we were shooting I had mentioned this and a couple minutes later, the sun looked to be diffusing through a layer of fog on top of the water. It looked like a heavenly backdrop for a while. Being minutes from town, this lake in Bozeman is home to beautiful light that illuminates and encompasses everybody there. Being barefoot seemed most natural for Sophia and I see it as a way of grounding oneself and acknowledging the present moment. 

Sophia has a heart of liquid gold because I saw fluidity and grace. Despite this, she is a strong basketball and soccer player but has a side to her that is quiet and calm. She loves reading and writing little quotes and sayings to recenter. 

I do believe the girls I photograph have the potential to become life friends. When it comes down to it, I work with people and I learn so much from each encounter. We're drawn to each other for a reason. Each of you grace me with your dreams and sweet and savory hearts. You spark something new in me, because I learn to understand the intricacies of life through looking at photographs. 

I give Bozeman wide arms with a sincere thanks to a new beginning of traveling and photographing and learning and creating and being, with so, many more people.

xo, Hallie

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