July 2, 2018

Sophie M. | Class of 2019

Sophie is an athletic soccer star, she says her legs are her favorite part about her. She is super confident in her strength both on the field and just being a girl. She has two older sisters which probably contributes to the way she sees women; she has seen how they have grown and become the strong yet natural people who contribute their light to the world. Sophie is crafty and makes things around the house add to the personality of the place. She has a knack for taking old jeans and re-purposing them into ready-to-wear jean shorts and wants to experiment with sewing patches on them too. 

With her interest in people, right now she's drawn to being an occupational therapist. Sophie has an inherent quality in her that makes her so easy to talk to and she has the most genuine smile like it's nobody's business. The welcoming spirit Sophie evokes in every interaction is apparent because of how she holds herself.

Sophie took me to these fields in Bozeman which seemed to be right out of my dreams. A majority of these images I have had visions of before and feel so connected to the light, summery, care-free glow they have. After this shoot, Sophie and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. We had truly found a peace within the present moment, we were riding the wave of joy.


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