August 2, 2018

Pilar H. & Dana C. | Class of 2019

This evening with Pilar and Dana reminded me of being in high school, enjoying those summer evenings that don't ever seem to end. With your best friends, soaking (and being soaked) with joy and a bitter-sweet salt water. They were such a joy to work with and were so excited to make these memories together, and add a spice of spontaneity to their day!

Pilar has gotten into yoga lately and has found that she is passionate about everything she does. A goal for her self this year is to take that passion and be more spontaneous about living life, right now... hence when I offered that they jump off the dock, she was ALL IN! Pilar sees sunshine in her smile and uses it to lighten any situation she may be in!

Dana has been a dancer for quite a few years and this practice has translated into doing things very thoroughly which is a quality she really works hard to stick to and does! She says her eyes are what she thinks makes her, herself. Her eyes do quite literally glow! With her senior year in mind, she wants to leave high school with people she considers friends and enjoy their last year together.

xo, Hallie

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