October 17, 2018

Common Language

i believe there is a common language.

it does not lie in our mouths
it does not lie in our minds
it does not lie in our hearts.

it is between our bones
between our skin

and in our eyes.

it is the way we move,
it is second nature.
it is what we don’t formulate
into a word.

it is the feeling of an entity

i could have come to Spain,
to learn
that there is more
than language
connects us.

it is within us.
not seen.
not heard.
only held onto.

our link relies on being alive.

xo, Hallie

October 9, 2018

I Remind Myself When I Travel:

You take up the same amount of space anywhere in the world as you do now. Things are made for humans, it is proportional. You don’t become an ant in a castle. It may seem like it, and in some ways we are, but your feet stay the same length away from your eyes; and your eyes will not deceive you.

What is in front of you is real, and it’s human size. 

It’s not another world. 

Sitting on top of Los Torres de Serranos, Valencia

View into the center of Valencia from Los Torres de Serranos

Street view from the top of Los Torres de Serranos

Inside La Catedral de Santa MarĂ­a de Valencia

Through the reflection of a window, we see a street of Valencia

xo, Hallie

October 5, 2018


My Mom and Grandpa were able to come visit me in Spain which was wonderful! We drove just about two hours to Calpe for one day and it felt like we were in a movie set! It's a town meant for enjoying the heat of the Mediterranean sun. There are a lot of second homes on the beach and plenty of places to get gelato.

It was a bit of a wake up to see family in my new home. They visited after I had been settled in for one month. I had gotten here on my own and learned how to navigate and find comfort in Valencia through my own trials and while they were here, things got easy for a bit, and then I had to re-enter my Spanish life.

xo, Hallie
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