December 12, 2018

When an End, Looms

When an end looms,
life is re-born. 

We are compelled to 
keep our eyes open, 
our hearts unlocked, and 
let our breaths last longer. 

Through this, we remain in a state of mind that 
welcomes serendipity. 

While abroad, 
the speed of my journey slowed, 
I lived day to day, 
and reminded myself to breathe.

Although we may speak different languages or see the world from distinct boundaries, our link relies on being alive. 
Our breath is found in the way we move,
is the currency
on our path home.

The shadow of my profile reflected against the wall.

La Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia.

A street I walked each day to school.
View of Valencia from the top of the Cathedral.

Los Torres de Serranos.

A man reads on a bench during the siesta hour.

University of Valencia Language Center

Kazumi, Rosabelle, Hinako, & Haidyn

Street art in my neighborhood.

Move away from the doors already known.
Explore, Dream, Discover.
Experimente as if it were the first time.
Your destiny is not a place,
your destiny is a lifestyle.

xo, Hallie


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