July 19, 2019

An Idaho Summer

I spent a month in Idaho this summer, which involved a bit of camping, hiking, running, driving, etc. I feel very lucky to fall asleep to absolute silence, run up mountains from my front door, and go to town gatherings with live music. Idaho is a slice of my life that seems to be there when I want it to be. 

Lately, having to change up my routine pretty regularly I find to be confusing and a little disorienting, but overall, I become better for it and a little more creative too. I've found myself having a good-to-go bag almost always packed with necessities, and along with this, taking on the task of learning how to tidy my space has infatuated me. I have been slimming down my belongings while replacing the space with houseplants. As I'm not a pet person, taking care of something other than yourself at home makes me more conscious of what I do for myself, too. 

It is my last summer between school years and it feels a little surreal. 

xo, Hallie

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