August 15, 2019

First Glance

We're forced to find our bearings quickly here. I want to share some of the first images I've made while I'm here in Paris this month. We've done walking tours almost every day of an arrondissement and we still have many to go. I like how our bodies can adapt, however may painful it may be. Just one week ago, I stepped foot into our cute little Parisian apartment, in the 13th arrondissement. 

To be able to look forward on what I will do, I like to reflect on what has been accomplished. I've grounded myself and belongings - I even got a little house plant to remind me of having roots. Almost every morning before hopping on the metro to class, I stop at a bakery just at the end of our block for a croissant, and sometimes a baguette to make my own sandwich for mid-day. I've walked the hour to class and have therefore seen a lot of parts of the city less frequented, and by this I love being able to notice when neighborhoods start and where I find my landmarks or explore other metro stations. 

I love the puzzle in the metro map when I'm finding out where to go. I find the metro one of the most user friendly ways of transport, ever. I literally could never be lost when there is a metro station because it all loops back on itself by means of transferring. It really is like a real life game, which brings me a sense of joy. 

The past week I've been thinking a lot about language, once again. Being in a country where I really only know the basics, makes me have a greater appreciation for the languages I do understand. While I was in Spain, Spanish seemed hard and I told myself I wasn't speaking "fast enough." Which we all know doesn't matter if you get your point across... the bottom line is that I can speak it! While constantly hearing French these days, I can get discouraged, but after stepping back, this has all come to actually remind me of my knowledge of the Spanish language, and how to really appreciate what I do already know.

A Stained Glass Window

Notre Dame, today.

Evening on the River Seine

xo, Hallie

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