August 7, 2019

From Paris, with Red Hearts

This summer I am studying abroad in Paris, France with my photography program at school! Feels very unreal to be able that I get to call Paris my home for the next five weeks or so! To be an artist in Paris at any time, feels like you are really in it. This city is the birthplace of photography and has been home to many artists from all around the world. A hub for creativity- I don't think there could be a better city for this. 

I got here a few days before my program started and have been walking around, trying to fight jet lag, and eating, of course, some of my favorite food in the world! I'm very excited to feel more like a local after each day that passes. I keep wanting to speak in Spanish because my French is very sub-par... although getting around with English has not been a problem. I just feel a little disrespectful sometimes.

We will have an apartment during the program and go to classes every morning followed by a walking tour of an an arrondissement of the city. Some days we will go on tours outside the city, or have the day free to do as we please. Our professor studied in Paris and has family in France, so I believe we are in good hands!

To follow along with my journey this month, I have started a Paris tab under Places on the navigation bar at the top of my blog. All posts from Paris will be found there!

xo, Hallie

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