August 19, 2019

Two Tops

I've had a lot of time to explore the city on my own.

In class today we reminded ourselves of how generous our time is in Paris. (In a couple weeks I may not think it was enough, but for now, it proves to be fulfilling). Our class time is broken between multiple hour critique and discussion, and walking tours of the arrondissements. For our critiques, we have images due from photo assignments, and we engage in a discussion about the choices we made, why, what we could do next time, etc. Most of my time here is spent alone. I didn't come with any particularly close friends and see this as almost a type of freedom. I do get along with the students here and we spend frequent happy hours and meals together, but a lot of us wander on our own. We're able to focus with our camera in front of our faces and do our job; to make our art. I truly have nothing else to worry about right now besides making images and growing within myself. To have this experience at 21 is incredibly liberating and is a time of our lives I know that not many have the privilege to have. To be able to step back and truly live as an artist in, arguably, the home city of ART. I now look at this opportunity to explore this city of millions of people on my own as an enriching and quiet time for my insides to continue to sort and show me who I am.

I found my new favorite perspective of the familiar Eiffel Tower and the monumental Sacré Coeur of Montmartre.

Le Tour Eiffel

Montmartre & Sacré Coeur

Montmartre & Sacré Coeur

xo, Hallie

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