June 27, 2020

pass the (saalt) cup

I’m a period having person. LET'S 👏 NORMALIZE 👏 THIS.👏
I switched to a menstrual cup in hope of minimizing waste and saving money! It took a while for me to do so because I was skeptical.

How does it work? Does it leak? How am I going to get it out?!

Well, it’s truly a game-changer. I tried it and I’m not going back!

I made a mini-podcast episode with my friend Shannan that talks very candidly about our experiences using a cup. If you’re curious or skeptical, I would definitely go give it a listen here. 

If you want to try a menstrual cup, I use a Saalt Co cup and I love it! Enjoy 15% off with code HALLIE15

By switching to a menstrual cup at 22, it's expected I will divert 12,090 period products from going into the landfill and save $2,781 on period care. THOSE are statistics to get in front of. Do it with me! I used this waste calculator to find these stats.

xo, Hallie

June 25, 2020

photo idea: indoor dream space

If you have been following my work for a while, I'm sure you've heard me describe it as "dreamy." It's a style that has stayed consistent throughout my work and something to know my work by. 

Well folks, I did it. I made my first TikTok video. I'm excited what this platform enables us to do and see. I'm thinking glimpses of behind the scenes, photo ideas, and fun tutorials! 

Go check out how I made my bedroom a dreamscape here: https://www.tiktok.com/@halliekathrynn

xo, Hallie

June 23, 2020

sky is the limit

I’m going to be honest here, the past couple weeks, (months) have been tough. As a creative being, I need to create to be well. The more I say this, the more I understand how much it actually means to me.

So, I took my camera and tripod outside to make myself do something. To create something of myself! I told myself to take 100 shots, and if nothing came out of it, at least I would have tried. And, OF COURSE as we know, once we TRY to be creative, WE REALIZE WE ALREADY ARE!

xo, Hallie


June 22, 2020

Michael N. | Class of 2020

An appreciation post for my fellow Spanish learning, mind-opening, truth-telling friend Michael. Happy Graduation, I'm so excited to see how you change this world! 

xo, Hallie


June 20, 2020

a fruity summer

Did you know that 20 billion pounds of fresh go unharvested or unsold each year? Or that nearly 40% of the food in the US goes uneaten?!

Continuing to stay home, we have sought out options to get foods delivered! We've been getting Imperfect Foods for a couple weeks now, and fun yet impactful at the same time. We get a box delivered each week of mostly produce and sometimes some grains! You can customize your preferences and you end up with so many amazing fruits and veggies that would have been thrown away! They take unwanted food and often 'imperfect' produce from grocery stores that don't sell. And with the new products, we've had to get a little bit more creative with dishes, which is a win-win for us and the Earth! 

How many times have we gone to the grocery store and picked up an apple, but because it had some discoloring or a nick in the skin, put it back to find a more 'refined' one? I am guilty of this myself! 

If you're interested in trying out getting 'imperfect' produce, you can find if they deliver to you and start your box here. In all transparency, when you use our link and order a box, we will get $10 to use on our next box! :)

“We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” -Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef

Happy munching on plants and here's to doing "zero waste imperfectly"!

xo, Hallie

June 14, 2020

College Graduation

Today would have been my graduation day! We did it: Class of 2020

Once we got the message that our graduation would be canceled and rescheduled, it definitely felt like a loss. But soon after reflecting, I realized it wasn’t about us anymore. And within the last couple weeks, even more so.

When I first entered college realizing I would be graduating in 2020, possibly one of the coolest numbers of the years in my lifetime, I was ecstatic. That joy hasn’t been lost. I think there’s a lot to say for being a graduate of the year 2020 once we move forward and are able to recognize how amazing this year will be looked at. Sure, some people say things are truly messed up with coronavirus and the world is waking up to the systemic racism deeply rooted in the history of this country. I think this is exactly what we’ve needed. Some could say a step back, some a step forward, and me? I see it as a launching pad. It’s a ‘reset’ no one saw coming, forcing us to change our lifestyle and our inherited patterns of being in this world.

What’s coming up for you?

The topics for me are: relationships, routine, allyship, racism, environmental racism, plastic consumption, fast fashion, justice... I have so many questions. And I’m doing a lot of reading.

2020 is a renewal and an awakening.

Photos by: Nicholas Olds

xo, Hallie

June 11, 2020

hi friends,

these couple weeks have been heavy. 

I know a lot of us have shown our support for the #blacklivesmatter movement. a week of muting myself on Instagram does not let me off the hook. there is so much more work to be done. there is so much more to learn. 

our journeys through this topic sometimes look very different. I encourage you (my very white audience) to do your research about what it means to be white. I encourage you to learn about what it means to be Black. there is a lot of time for learning, and one week will not suffice. this is an exploration that will last your lifetime. we won’t always get it right. we have to be okay with that, learn, and come from it holding more intention the next go around. 

this space is a place to hold grace. 

all the Black artists & creatives I shared this week on Instagram are saved in a highlight, AMPLIFY. I encourage you to follow, share, and support them. this is not a trend. we must use our privilege to support & we cannot stay quiet. this is a movement that is only gaining momentum. 

I honor my Black brothers and sisters and am here for the long haul. this can look like AMPLIFYING often unheard voices, VOTING for those with clear direction and progressive reforms, DIVERSIFYING my community and whose stories I listen to and share, and HAVING hard conversations with different-minded people.

all it takes is a seed to sprout to initiate change.

here it is. & here it comes.

xo, hallie

here are some resources:


May 5, 2020

stay comfy in LOVE.

a little reminder.

stay comfy, & in LOVE.


sold at cost to spread the LOVE.

(this campaign lasts 10 days, available in black & white)

xo, Hallie

May 2, 2020

Relieved Gloom

As many of you know, I am currently finishing my last quarter of college... online. I'm both relieved and glum that this is how I'm finishing my college career, but like all things, I try to see the positive, to see the opportunity in any situation. 

The actual commencement for my 2020 graduating class will now be in October, yet I'm not counting down the days to possibly be disappointed again. Tieing a bow around my college career is vital for me to mentally move on, and it will come, just not as we expected it, for the last 100 years or so. Changing educational and vocational plans for March, April, and now May, which will ultimately affect the outcome of the whole year and where I end up post-grad, is really gloomy. I am up for the challenge though, I am really grateful for my support system especially during this time of quarantine and they give me hope that everything will turn. Things won't turn back to normal, but they'll turn another way, giving us opportunities and chances in life we hadn't seen on the original directory. I think that's amazing.

Because I have spent three years on campus with my professors and friends, I feel like I am able to enter my classes with more ease. I feel comfortable raising questions in class and sharing my point of view. I can also reach out by email to those who I know will help me succeed during these last few weeks and post-grad. I'm really lucky to be able to say that. This relief of having a well worn in space in the Seattle U community is vital to this moment for me right now. In a way I think I'm graduating with the most moral support there may have ever been. It's a relief to not have to have an answer to what I'm doing post-grad because some people much older than me don't know what they'll be doing next year, either. That's another super important note to highlight, to take a lot of pressure off. 

My workload has continued to be about the same while taking classes online, and I'm starting to enjoy the quietness instead of running around campus and Seattle (for now). During the last couple of months, I have mastered a no-bake cookie recipe, I have taken an appreciation for natural cleaning supplies, and I have tended to my plants more than normal. 

I think there's so much to say and do but sitting and reflecting on what's going on is just as important. I'll be back soon with more updates. I have some exciting projects in the works!

xo, Hallie

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