March 31, 2020

Collective Feeling

These days feel rhythmic but I'm all out of sorts. We're living through something that will no doubt be in the history books. I already struggle with anxiety and depression in their many forms, emanating from various causes. I'm not here to dwell on my very privileged life or my seasons of emotions. I'm here to engage in the idea and to honor the thing that we are all feeling. There is no one way to describe it or show it. I know you know what I'm talking about. It is felt deep in the body and the soul. There's no cure-all and there's not a way out.

With all the time we've been spending time at home and the mixed messages I am getting from every corner of the internet, it seems as if I am not writing a book or working out every day I'm not taking full advantage of this time. Yet on the other hand, if it takes me a bit longer to get out of bed or I spend half the day watching my favorite show, I'm letting myself fall too far on the self-care spectrum, where it turns into "being lazy". The line between down-time, working and studying at home is non-existent. The days I do get up early to run and take a shower right off the bat, are the ones I feel most proud of, but let me tell you, that's definitely not every day. Sometimes it's only once a week.

I'm going on my third week of quarantine. Our world is under pressure and our society is hurting. If you are struggling with this torturous disease, on the front lines treating patients, working in your community, or quarantining in your house to #flattenthecurve, doing our part is taxing. When we hear about this invisible thing what are we supposed to think?!

I can tell you, that I've never been this close to my family and "my people" before. Video calls across the country and check-in text messages to those you love. And this, the fact that we are becoming stronger and close-knit during this thing, this is something to celebrate.

xo, Hallie


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