March 26, 2020

Moving Through Diverging Paths

I am really excited to share my portfolio from my month in Paris this past August. I spent a month in the city taking a class which allowed me so much free time to shoot and the freedom to explore the city on my own. Paris became one of my favorite cities in the world. Being in the capital city of LOVE, I found myself being in love with each moment, regardless that I was alone. A few highlights were waking up early and grabbing a baguette and almond croissant at my nearest Boulangerie and setting out for a derive each day and taking the metro to a stop I had not gotten off before. The number of little neighborhoods I familiarized myself with makes me comfortable to say I could easily go back and find a little flat for myself and live there, without even speaking much French. That is the current dream!

 Today we are excited to share that I am now selling prints of these images! They are now FOR SALE in a few different sizes! Check them out here: 

Through the use of dream-like reflections, I explore a way to look at Paris both directly and indirectly. These images are of people moving through, diverging paths. Each image is captured with one click of the shutter, combining many scenes that seem distinct, into one whole frame. These scenes illuminate how we connect on our paths of life.  

xo, Hallie


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