May 2, 2020

Relieved Gloom

As many of you know, I am currently finishing my last quarter of college... online. I'm both relieved and glum that this is how I'm finishing my college career, but like all things, I try to see the positive, to see the opportunity in any situation. 

The actual commencement for my 2020 graduating class will now be in October, yet I'm not counting down the days to possibly be disappointed again. Tieing a bow around my college career is vital for me to mentally move on, and it will come, just not as we expected it, for the last 100 years or so. Changing educational and vocational plans for March, April, and now May, which will ultimately affect the outcome of the whole year and where I end up post-grad, is really gloomy. I am up for the challenge though, I am really grateful for my support system especially during this time of quarantine and they give me hope that everything will turn. Things won't turn back to normal, but they'll turn another way, giving us opportunities and chances in life we hadn't seen on the original directory. I think that's amazing.

Because I have spent three years on campus with my professors and friends, I feel like I am able to enter my classes with more ease. I feel comfortable raising questions in class and sharing my point of view. I can also reach out by email to those who I know will help me succeed during these last few weeks and post-grad. I'm really lucky to be able to say that. This relief of having a well worn in space in the Seattle U community is vital to this moment for me right now. In a way I think I'm graduating with the most moral support there may have ever been. It's a relief to not have to have an answer to what I'm doing post-grad because some people much older than me don't know what they'll be doing next year, either. That's another super important note to highlight, to take a lot of pressure off. 

My workload has continued to be about the same while taking classes online, and I'm starting to enjoy the quietness instead of running around campus and Seattle (for now). During the last couple of months, I have mastered a no-bake cookie recipe, I have taken an appreciation for natural cleaning supplies, and I have tended to my plants more than normal. 

I think there's so much to say and do but sitting and reflecting on what's going on is just as important. I'll be back soon with more updates. I have some exciting projects in the works!

xo, Hallie


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