June 11, 2020

hi friends,

these couple weeks have been heavy. 

I know a lot of us have shown our support for the #blacklivesmatter movement. a week of muting myself on Instagram does not let me off the hook. there is so much more work to be done. there is so much more to learn. 

our journeys through this topic sometimes look very different. I encourage you (my very white audience) to do your research about what it means to be white. I encourage you to learn about what it means to be Black. there is a lot of time for learning, and one week will not suffice. this is an exploration that will last your lifetime. we won’t always get it right. we have to be okay with that, learn, and come from it holding more intention the next go around. 

this space is a place to hold grace. 

all the Black artists & creatives I shared this week on Instagram are saved in a highlight, AMPLIFY. I encourage you to follow, share, and support them. this is not a trend. we must use our privilege to support & we cannot stay quiet. this is a movement that is only gaining momentum. 

I honor my Black brothers and sisters and am here for the long haul. this can look like AMPLIFYING often unheard voices, VOTING for those with clear direction and progressive reforms, DIVERSIFYING my community and whose stories I listen to and share, and HAVING hard conversations with different-minded people.

all it takes is a seed to sprout to initiate change.

here it is. & here it comes.

xo, hallie

here are some resources:


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