June 14, 2020

College Graduation

Today would have been my graduation day! We did it: Class of 2020

Once we got the message that our graduation would be canceled and rescheduled, it definitely felt like a loss. But soon after reflecting, I realized it wasn’t about us anymore. And within the last couple weeks, even more so.

When I first entered college realizing I would be graduating in 2020, possibly one of the coolest numbers of the years in my lifetime, I was ecstatic. That joy hasn’t been lost. I think there’s a lot to say for being a graduate of the year 2020 once we move forward and are able to recognize how amazing this year will be looked at. Sure, some people say things are truly messed up with coronavirus and the world is waking up to the systemic racism deeply rooted in the history of this country. I think this is exactly what we’ve needed. Some could say a step back, some a step forward, and me? I see it as a launching pad. It’s a ‘reset’ no one saw coming, forcing us to change our lifestyle and our inherited patterns of being in this world.

What’s coming up for you?

The topics for me are: relationships, routine, allyship, racism, environmental racism, plastic consumption, fast fashion, justice... I have so many questions. And I’m doing a lot of reading.

2020 is a renewal and an awakening.

Photos by: Nicholas Olds

xo, Hallie

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