June 27, 2020

pass the (saalt) cup

I’m a period having person. LET'S 👏 NORMALIZE 👏 THIS.👏
I switched to a menstrual cup in hope of minimizing waste and saving money! It took a while for me to do so because I was skeptical.

How does it work? Does it leak? How am I going to get it out?!

Well, it’s truly a game-changer. I tried it and I’m not going back!

I made a mini-podcast episode with my friend Shannan that talks very candidly about our experiences using a cup. If you’re curious or skeptical, I would definitely go give it a listen here. 

If you want to try a menstrual cup, I use a Saalt Co cup and I love it! Enjoy 15% off with code HALLIE15

By switching to a menstrual cup at 22, it's expected I will divert 12,090 period products from going into the landfill and save $2,781 on period care. THOSE are statistics to get in front of. Do it with me! I used this waste calculator to find these stats.

xo, Hallie

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