July 13, 2020

Three Forks Farm

By chance, Pilar and I realized we would be in Bozeman the same week so naturally, we worked something out. The last time I saw her was actually in Paris, it's so lovely to be accidentally traveling the world with her. Pilar and her sister Hana wanted some updated photos on their farm in Montana. It was the perfect backdrop because the light was creamy, not another soul in sight, and a place we could run around. Their mom, Stacy, is working on a website to bring yoga into classrooms, homes, and communities so we gave her some headshots and images for her website. I'm only sharing a few to leave the rest to surprise when it goes live. This family has been amazing to photograph and I hope this is truly only our beginning of finding each other in new corners of the world!

xo, Hallie


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