October 22, 2020

Pilar & Dana in the Sand Dunes

Pilar and Dana are so fun to photograph. They have been best friends since they can remember and are now at college together! I got to meet up with them to shoot in California the other weekend and we had a blast! It was a hike in to these dunes but it was so worth it. With the ocean breeze (it was actually super windy the whole time...) and the sand in our toes, it felt really freeing. I remember Dana telling me that she always feels simply herself whenever we shoot. It's like we always meet up in places that mean something. Now I realize that the location plays such a huge part in a shoot! It's so important for my clients to be able to feel natural and envision themselves exactly how they know who they are.

I've also photographed these two in Seattle and Paris! Click the links to see the blog posts!

xo, Hallie


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