January 23, 2023

Mexico City

The practice of traveling asks us to remember who we are at the core. 
It's a way to open your mind and live more consciously. How we respond to change is defining of who we are. Being in new spaces constantly asks us to reflect on what we know, and then move forward with what we know now. 
There is a choice to live in the good, to live in the love, to live in the positive. 
I am strong, I am vulnerable, I am soft. That is the beauty in who I am.
Shining tomatoes and growing cacti.

Friends who are strangers.
Strangers who are kin.
Lovers who are home.
Home: where love is.

CDMX is vibrant and creative. You can feel it bounce around. 
I love Mexico City. A culmination of culture. The culture's heart, it's palpable beat. 
And the food was the best. 
The street photos with my 35mm are the best souvenir.

xo, Hallie

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