My name is Hallie and I'm in love with creating.
I'm a dreamer who finds life in faces, places, and flowy things.

☆ I have a knack for finding the thing that makes a person unique. This is why I love photographing people so much. I believe engaging in conversation is the richest way to learn about someone. I let myself be vulnerable to let others be authentic in their own way.
☆ I learn the most when I am experiencing something new. Travel, for me, is the broadest term, encompassing adventure: over seas, around the states, a drive in any direction, an early morning run through my neighborhood, or just experiencing life outside the place I keep my belongings. Home is where I am.
Wherever I go, I see warmth. Flowy things of warm colors with easy, fluttering drapes inspire me. I want to be wearing something that moves with the wind and the environment I'm in. I believe the way a person dresses helps define a missing characteristic. Fashion is something to be celebrated and enjoyed!

When I am passionate about something, I go in with my whole heart.
I can be explosive with passion and intensity and I experience life this way.
I am tender yet fierce.
Purpose fuels my passions.

I hope to inspire the creativity in you that empowers you to ignite and let loose those passions of yours that will take your heart exactly where it wants to go.


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