Meet Hallie

I believe you are light in human form. Let's capture the way you light up.

In my interdisciplinary studies in Photography and Spanish, my creative life spans wide. I employ a variety of media; photography, video, and collage, in collaboration with the written word. My creative practice has transformed into an appreciation for the reflection of one’s self. This transformation has led to work that exhibits dream-like qualities, grounded by the presence I feel when creating. I explore the feminine from my lived experiences.

Hire me and I’ll be the hype woman you didn’t know existed.

I’m so excited you landed in my corner of the internet. As I strive to show up fully human: flawed, emotional, vulnerable, creative, expressive, and ready to learn, I hope that you will feel encouraged to do the same.

I’ve been creating since I was young. I built fairy houses in the yard, drew flowers and faces, and sewed with my Mom. Photography brings all these passions together and I get to capture people in their most beautiful form. I paint with light!

One of my strengths is delving deep to uncover what makes you uniquely YOU. I wholeheartedly believe that you are a beacon of light in human form, and my objective is to capture that radiance. No forced poses, fake smiles, or artificial editing - just you.

fun facts:

I studied abroad in Spain and enjoy spending time in Latin America. I love combining photography and Spanish, so if you have a project that includes both look no further.

Focusing on my breath, enriching my problem-solving skills, and connecting my mind to my body through these practices reminds me how fun it is to move my body!

Plants remind me what I need to nourish myself. Usually it’s a splash of water and a soak in the sunlight.

The best way to decompress and reflect on my day is to sit in the bath. Almost every night I’ll light candles and take a moment to myself.

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